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Late 2000’s brought to the world the first iPhone, the partial human face transplantation, HD TV popularity, the Harry Potter books conclusion, and many other essential things. The Sims 3 is among them.
This game needs no more introduction than just its title. It is one of the most popular games of the late 2000’s which still hits the spot. It is as well one of the best selling games of all times and the perfect life simulator by all means.

So it’s all about The Sims 3 which we call the love-oriented and life-engineering game. It gives us a cozy immersion into someone’s fictional life while we are just sitting in front of our computers.

When you are playing The Sims 3, you become the author of an unwritten story, the manager of someone else’s destiny. It’s a pleasant feeling, we need to admit. There are plenty of other games which simulate various real-life activities. But there’s no other like The Sims, and that’s for sure.

If you’ve been The Sims 3 fan for almost a decade, then keep up with the same mood. On this site, you’ll find all the reasons you like The Sims 3 so much: just stay tuned to our updates

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