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Beat Maker

MAGIX Software GmbH

Beat Maker is the easiest way to become a DJ beat maker in no time!


Create melodies and rhythms. Play famous songs of all genres. Learn beatbox and become a true music maker. Make drums groove like a DJ with the drumpad. Impress with the drumpad for star beats and groove.

Make Music

With Beat Maker, get the best music lessons, be closer to the rhythm and melodies you like: you might become the DJ king who masters the art of drums. You will have a studio in your pocket to remix and make music anywhere, anytime.

Become a Beatbox Maker

Meet your new favorite drum pad to make music and create beats like a real DJ. Mix loops, record all your melodies with our intuitive pads and feel the rhythm ! This groovepad app will help you to create songs from all genres (dubstep, trap, EDM, hip-hop...), and to become a beatbox maker.

Here you can download Beat Maker for Free