Best Mods for Sims 3 You Need Right Now

The Sims 3 was so good that even with The Sims 4 released in the world, players all over still go back to the beloved game. That means that mods are essential to the experience, as it is an older game at this point and many of the vanilla features can seem outdated. Luckily, The Sims modding community is massive. Here’s a ton of mods that you need if you’re going to keep playing this amazing classic.

Pose Player

This mod is an actually useful tool for you to create your own sim movies. The pose player enables your sim to pose according to your wishes. This will be in your buy/build mode in the decorations section after you install it. Place it anywhere on the lot. Select a sim and then click on the object and any pose you like!

Chaos Mods

This object Mod brings Voodoo ( Voodoo Bottle in TS2) interactions, like maximizing the motives of the sim, kill a sim and several Animations. To use this mod, you need to download and place it in Game/bin. Also, note that some animations of this mod are still in the testing phase.


You don’t even need to admit your game is laggy. Everyone’s The Sims 3 became laggy at one point or another and became virtually unplayable. Say hello to your savior, Overwatch. Overwatch has a ton of uses, but it’s mostly a way to clean up your game each night. You’d be surprised just how many sims can get stuck and make your lag insane to handle through each sim day. It’s automatic and can relieve your game’s stress. You can turn off all televisions, turn off stereos, reset missing sims, reset everything that’s stuck, cleanse the dead (creepy), clean up inventories, and a ton more that will guarantee less lag. Thanks, Overwatch, for cleaning up EA’s mess!

Tagged Plants

Wondered if the plans can talk? It will say that it needs water, weeding, fertilizer. All the basic info you need to cover your gardening fantasies. It also says what kind of a plant it is!

Story Progression

Story Progression has ruined every sim player that’s installed it. No longer can anyone go back to the vanilla game after installing at least this mod. It can get annoying as constant messages pop up letting you know of the new story progressions, but you can shut them off. This takes the base game’s story progression and puts it on steroids, making the original look like poop. The sims will go on with their lives, getting married, breaking up, falling in love, changing jobs, having babies, buying houses, literally everything.

Hospital Overhaul Mod

The hospital overhaul mod is one of those mods where the simmers are trying to find it all over the internet because the creator has closed off his site. But fortunately, it’s available. With this mod, you could make sims commit assisted suicide or make them become a surrogate mother. It has alien sperm implantation, sperm or egg donation, and surgery for sex reassignment. Oh and if you’re ever wondering if your pregnant sim is having a boy or a girl- this mod has ultrasound services to determine it.

Make Your Sims Extra Beautiful with Skin Mods 

Subtle differences with this mod will really up to the game. They also made a mod for the sims’ eyes that change up some minor details.

If we’re talking huge changes to your sims’ skins, though, check out this mod that changes your sims from doll faced mannequins to friggin’ supermodels. Higher definition, better contouring, eyes look far more realistic, and the eyebrows are hella looking good now. Once installed, you’ll never be able to even look at the EA designed sims graphics again.

Same-Sex Marriage

As the title says, this mod enables you to control your sims to have cheesy romantic relationships for the same sex. Also as the author says it only works with the latest patch.

The MasterController

This mod is somewhat like “Inseminator for Sims3”.

This mod adds a new menu “Master Controller” to every computer and allows the active Sim to control Demographics (population, job level, e.t.c), Sims relations (Pollinate, Romance relations, edit active sim in CAS..e.t.c) and control the town, etc.

This mod adds a menu called “NRaas Master Controller” to the following items in town:

1) Every Sim
2) Every Computer
3) Every Lot
4) City Hall

Know the Attraction System? It’s Better Now

Whereas before it seemed to be a random occurrence to have two sims find each other attractive (or it relied on your sim being in tuned with her or his skills), the Retuned Attraction mod makes it rely on moodlets when two sims meet. Traits, zodiac signs, and rewards are now also thrown into the mix, making the attractions at least a little more realistic for your sim to find their missing puzzle piece. Or just someone new to woohoo.

The No DVD Mod

I think this will be useful to everyone, this mod disables the CD Authentication with the game loads. So you no longer need to load Virtual/Physical DVD in your PC.

Vampire powers!

Needs Sims 3 Supernatural to work! Your vampires will have the ability to teleport and hypnotize!

Get More Traits at Once!

Ever make a sim and have a crisis while trying to decide which traits to leave out and which to include? With the More Traits for All Ages mod, you’re able to increase the maximum traits allowed at each age, giving your sim some mad boosts to their personality. This allows for far more intricate sims, and you won’t be able to go back to vanilla after this. Why should your sim be restricted to a couple of traits?

Santa in Town!

Get Santa in your town! I wonder if he actually delivers presents though!

Disasters and Blessings

Ever wanted to turn your hatred into godlike powers? With this mod you could icify a sim and be Zeus and lightning struck a sim. You can summon showers of meteors or play the cupid and make sims fall in love.

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