How to Get Twins in Sims 3

Having a child is one of the options in the Sims series. But why limit yourself to just one kid? As they say the more, the merrier! As long as it's virtual reality, of course. And having twins and triplets in Sims is also a possibility. It will take you a little effort and some time. But in the end you will be proud of the fact that you nailed  this parenting challenge — twins are a fairly rare "trophy" to conquer. Our guide will tell you how to get twins in Sims 3.

1. Step One — Fertility treatment

Okay, the very first thing to do is to obtain Fertility Treatment. It's an achievement that will cost you a staggering amount of 10,000 Happiness points.  Well, you know how to grind them already: make your simulated persona satisfied, keep the Sim in the great mood. It can be done through fulfilling your Sim's career ambitions, desires, dreams, playing, exercising, partying etc. Even simple showering can add a bit of Happiness.

Once you hit the mark of 10k:

·         Open the Sim Panel.

·         Select Lifetime Happiness.

·         Open Lifetime Rewards.

·         Scroll down to spot the Fertility Treatment.

·         Buy it.

Now you're ready to have a baby. But to enhance your luck of giving birth to twins, both of the Sim parents must have the Fertility Treatment reward.

2. Step Two — Pregnancy

Now you're onto making the mother Sim pregnant with your future twins. It is done by getting the Relationship meter filled to the maximum. Basic strategy here is to do a lot of chatting, flirting, secret sharing and spamming one of the Sims from your in-game computer. Brighten Day is also a good move.

If you are really impatient though, here's the Relationship cheat:

modifyrelationship MotherSim FatherSim 80 romance_main

Instead of MotherSim/FatherSim, you need to put your Sims' names and the deed is done.

Once the relationship meter goes through the roof, it's time for your Sims to get intimate. And while they are doing so, an option "Try for Baby" will pop up — click on it. You should know that pregnancy doesn't always occur at first attempt. But if you hear signature lullaby sounds — it is a success! Another indication of the upcoming birth giving is the female Sim running to the toilet to puke. Beware: puke animation is grossly well-detailed.

3. Step Three — Welcoming the baby

It is, probably, the hardest part of the mission. You must regularly, relentlessly dedicate the mother Sim to:

·         Reading literature and magazines on pregnancy.

·         Watch shows for kids.

·         Play music for children.

To increase your luck, both of the parents must do this, so hand the pregnancy books to the father Sim too. Additionally you can make him interact with the unborn child — talking to it, feeling and touching the mom's stomach etc. It adds extra points. In the meantime the mother Sim must be kept as happy as possible. And strangely enough, dancing to the children's music is one of the key activities to do so. It is recommended to dance for hours.

4. Step Four — Pick a gender

Although totally optional, you may affect the gender of your twins to be born. If you're going for the boys team — the mother Sim must consume minimum three apples one after another. If it's girls you prefer — the same, but with watermelons. This  maneuver must be done in the first two days of the pregnancy period so don't procrastinate.

5. The Final Step — Raising the new family

Once the gestation is over — it's about five in-game days — twins will be born! But as the game reminds us: "Having two babies is double the fun, but also double the trouble!" The newly baked Sim parents will need a spacious house, bigger budget for two children and more time to spend with them. Moreover, you're not insured from having three kids instead of two. This is why you're supposed to do "pragmatic" preparations beforehand. Just like in real life.

A couple of lifehacks

1.  Showtime

If you happen to have a Showtime, you can make a wish for a bigger family! The desire is granted by a Genie. As a result, your Sims will be in the Feeling Fertile state, until you hit the Try for Baby button. The outcome maybe "disastrous" though: instead just of a couple twins you'll get triplets! Welcome to the nightmare of the early parenthood.

2. Procreation Elixir

This magic Elixir gives a Sim the so called "Twinkle in the Eye". It lasts for 8 consecutive hours and if you try for a baby during this time — twins or triplets are guaranteed.  Procreation elixir is available only if you have Supernatural.

3. Soothing Massage

Another trick to trigger High Fertility parameter. Give the mother Sim the Infinite Zen Massage and she'll be extremely fertile for 24 hours to follow. Attempt to have a child — a set of twins/triplets will be on the way!

If you don't have the Sims 3, you can get links at "Download page".

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