Living Large — Ideas for Houses in Sims 3

Building a mansion of your dream is one of the coolest things to do in the Sims series. Here you can experiment with architectural styles, decorations, interiors, colors, vegetation and so forth. Naturally, lack of money will set severe limits in the beginning. But through grinding or applying cheats, you can expand your budget and hammer together a whole wonder castle. And to tickle your inspiration, we've brought you 10 awesome ideas for Houses Sims 3 style.


1. The VillaVilla

The first lot is a luxurious mansion, smoothed out with a touch of colonial Hispanic style. Red roofs would be nicely complemented with the autumn vegetation and a small, accurate swimming pool/pond in front of the house. Ornaments, elegant stylish furniture, kitchen in bleak white tonality and a gorgeous, silvery fireplace. This could be one of the best Sims 3 houses to use in the Dynasty Challenge. As a final stage of the challenge of course — price of that house is six-figure.


2. Puckerman House

Nothing can beat simplicity and the Puckerman house is a living proof to that. Its ocean green color palette is a great choice for the Miami-type surroundings. Green hills, palms, nicely mowed lawn. And as an emerald jewel in the crown of the rustic candor — this unpretentious, yet charming residency. If your Sim seeks no insane ambitions and prefers calm, serene places to live in — build it for them. Perfect for artists, writers, musicians and probably cocktail gurus.  


4. Naturel Life

This is one of these Sims 3 houses, which make you regret there's no money cheat in reality. Cozy and laconic, this dwelling retains some elusive feel of comfort. It is an idyllic place to live in, whenever autumn comes to strip the trees of their foliage. And probably it has a marvelous fireplace to keep your Sim warm, when the winter's here. But despite its coziness, it's not a house for a recluse. The nice backyard calls for another barbeque party and a small garden is a perfect place for meditating. If your Sim is into Yoga and sports of course. Get fit and social with Naturel Life!


7. Villa Perra

California knows how to party. And Villa Perra is there to prove that it's true. A bright example of the classic Californian architecture, Villa Perra will bring the summer tones into your Sim's life. As long as you have World Adventures and Ambitions, this Hispanic villa will be yours to boast of in front of the neighbors. Palms, seagulls, golden grains of the beach sand and 4 bathrooms. What else do you need to fill the Happiness meter to the maximum?



8. AYYUF Wayside

If you ever want to simulate a middle-class family in Sims — this house is your go-to. Faced with red brick and adorned with a fancy chimney, this is one of the best Sims 3 house ideas. Why? It will serve wonderfully for many challenges to beat: from the Well-Rounded Family, to Cinderella Challenge. And maybe something as grim and gruesome as 16 Deaths Challenge. Who knows what could be hidden behind the facade of a perfectly normal family after all? As for the rest, use this house as stage for building a family or a whole dynasty. Sleeping, eating, showering and resting are okay as well.



9. Good Witches Cottage

This house would be a great dwelling for an eccentric and bizarre Sim. Say, a practicing wiccan maybe. Or a full-blown, real life witch. Whoever your character is, the impression they'll produce on other Sims will be long-lasting anyway! The cottage has a strong Victorian accent embedded in its architectural design and comfy, though somewhat spooky feel of coziness. Inside the Good Witches residency is pretty compact, but still spacious enough: 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, together with an office and attic. Meanwhile in the basement you will find:

·         Nectar maker.

·         Rec room.

·         Divewell entrance.

A neat little garden and a swimmable pond are a nice addition to the exterior. In other words you have everything you need to practice your Alchemy skills and brew potions and elixirs. In Halloween season this house will give +12 Charisma points to you personally.

Note: For more fun Supernatural expansion pack is recommended to have.




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