The Sims 3 Best Selling Worlds

Sims 3 remains one of the most iconic and popular games simulators. And we have created for you a selection of the most popular items for the whole existence of the game. How many items are sold is not known, so we rely on the reliability of the store information. Welcome the top-5 worlds according to the Sims 3 Store. 

1. Sunlit Tides (3,524 SimPoints) 

Sims 3 World 1

An advanced downtown gives way to a lavish wilderness sprinkled with extraordinary bungalows and waterfront get-away homes settled between the tender waves of the sea and sun-kissed tidal pond. Appreciate an excursion on the shoreline, arrange a mystery meet at an island waterfall, or cozy up to a cherished one within the shade of a palm tree and observe the sun sink into the ocean. Will your Sims discover genuine adore, or fair have fun attempting?

2. Hidden Springs (2,000 SimPoints) 

Sims 3 World 2
Celebrities and the wealthy run to Hidden Springs in the look of unwinding and elude from the unremarkable. Numerous cannot stand up to rumors of the apparently supernatural recuperating powers that wait within the woods and waters. A few of the townsfolk who live within the woods are highly secretive and appear to have a pale green tinge to them.

3. Aurora Skies (2,426 SimPoints) 

Sims 3 World Item 3
Breathtaking view and tremendous, untainted nature are standing by at Aurora Skies! This interesting coastal town highlights the exceptionally best in concordant living: open arrive in an eco-friendly community, magnificent waterfalls that come to rest on the banks of a geothermal lake, and hot discuss inflatables that permit you to appreciate the multi-colored night sky.

4. Lunar Lakes(2,450 SimPoints) 

Sims 3 Worlds 4
Stranded on an outside planet after their spaceship crashed, the survivors utilized homeworld innovation and newly-discovered precious stone tech to survive at the edge of space. As the eras have advanced, these courageous Sims built streets, created horticulture, and set up a flourishing colony.

5. Lucky Palms(3,524 SimPoints) 

Sims 3 World 5

Rest and unwinding is the title of the amusement at The Sims 3 Fortunate Palms! With plentiful parks, amusement districts, and a flourishing culinary scene, you’ll discover yourself on a desert garden of green in the midst of moving sands. This leave enclave offers manicured gardens, advanced bequests, and cozy homes settled on the banks of a perfect lake. At the heart of town lies a strange well that's said to allow wishes to those who are immaculate of heart.

Which world is best for you?

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