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Camp Buddy

Blits Games

Follow the story of Keitaro Nagame in a scout-themed summer camp called Camp Buddy, where he will meet new friends, have exciting adventures, and find romance with one of his fellow campers. It's time to make the greatest memories


The highways along the way have comfort areas. There are a number of campgrounds located within national parks. You can camp at a farm station or at your own home. Landfills that are open to the public.


With multiple character routes and endings, you decide what happens next! All your decisions will affect Keitaro's adventure in the game! Each character route has an average of 15 full hours of gameplay! And thats only for achieving one kind of ending! Unlock all endings to get the most out of the game! Explore over 150 unlockable CG Sets in the gallery for your own viewing pleasure! Plus, there are more than 150 portraits and background images! It features 30 original compositions and vocalizations by various talented actors who help the player feel more connected to the characters and the story.


Up to 50 animated adult scenes are featured throughout the game. Your favorite characters will come to life in these intimate moments! Help Keitaro fill out his journal as he recalls important events. By earning badges, you can unlock exciting content in the gallery! Get ready for the real deal by helping Keitaro and his partner heat things up!

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