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With its user-friendly interface and workflow, CHITUBOX Basic enables you to slice your models as easy and fast as four clicks.

Versatile editing tools

Being easy doesn't mean lack of functionality. CHITUBOX Basic gives you the tools you would need for editing, including rotation, scaling, mirroring, repairing, hollowing, cloning, hole digging, .... to help you generate perfect results. And they are easy to understand, convenient to operate and you can view your edits all at once.

Painless multi-model processing

Arranging and organizing multiple models can be tedious at the best of times. But with CHITUBOX Basic, everything is arranged in a neat way with two clicks. Processing multiple models in CHITUBOX Basic is NOT slow. When importing, generating supports for and slicing them, these are all done very quickly, even when the models are large.

Straightforward support adding

Adding support structures for your models can be as quickly as one click thanks to the program's automated identification and analysis of the model. You can also add, edit and move supports on your own. The functionalities to fine-tune support settings enable you to calibrate your support shapes, thickness, and density.

Here you can download CHITUBOX for Free