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Nik Software, Google inc

Snapseed is a semi-professional photo editor by Google LLC. It offers a wide range of universal tools that will turn your device into an all-in-one studio. It allows you to edit light and color, retouch skin, erase objects, straighten or crop image, and do many more things. You can download Snapseed for iOS on App Store and Android on Google Play.


It contains a set of basic and advanced tools, that help you to edit your images manually. With these tools, you can tune your image, crop them, change its perspective etc. Snapseed tools include Frames, RAW Develop, Details, Curves, White Balance, Crop, Rotate, Perspective, Selective, Brush, Healing, HDR Scape, Black & White, Portrait, Head Pose, Lens Blur, Vignette, and many more.


Consists of Snapseed Filters, that will help you to change the appearance of your photo instantly. The Snapseed presets includes Portrait, Smooth, Pop, Accentuate, Faded Glow, Morning, Bright, Fine Art, Push, Silhouette and more.


Snapseed users can edit pictures using swiping gestures to select different effects and enhancements. Alternatively, users can opt for an "automatic" adjustment of color and contrast. Snapseed can save users' editing history and redirect to any of the actions before. It can also create and save filter combinations by using the default filters and editing features.

Here you can download Snapseed for Free