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Wicked Whims


WickedWhims is a mod by TURBODRIVER for The Sims 4. The mod adds realistic nudity and sexual animations to the game, as well as a menstrual cycle for female Sims, birth control, menstrual products, and other small features. The mod also allows for sex animations created by other players to be installed and played in the game, as displayed on the download website. For players looking for the menstrual cycle and birth control features without the sex animations, TURBODRIVER also created WonderfulWhims, available for download on ModTheSims.


The mod allows changeable settings for pregnancy. For sims who can get pregnant, the default settings leave a chance for pregnancy with vaginal sex animations that depend on where that sim is in their menstrual cycle. The percent chance of pregnancy can be checked by clicking a toilet and selecting "Fertility Awareness Test."

Birth Control

There are two main forms of birth control offered with the mod. Both forms can be purchased through a computer or Buy Mode. A sim who can be impregnated can take birth control pills, which will halt their menstrual cycle. For the first three days after starting the pills the sim with get a "Early on Birth Control" moodlet, where the pills are less effective. After that moodlet expires, the pills are effective to their fullest extent.

Menstrual Products

Sims who can get pregnant will menstruate, with their periods coming on a schedule. Before their period begins, the sim will experience a variety of PMS moodlets that may make them dazed, uncomfortable, angry, or sad. Once their period begins, they will begin bleeding through their clothing unless a menstrual product is used.

Here you can download Wicked Whims for Free